Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yes...My Name Is Hussein

When Sen.Barack Obama declared his participation as a presidential nominee, I knew there would be mudslinging. But attacking an individual for his name is an act of ignorance and desperation.

At the beginning of this race when,Sen.Barack Hussein Obama,was not taken seriously and loosing this race, I don't remember any mention of his middle name.Now that he is winning and seriously considered a threat, the intelligence and fears of this country are being preyed upon.

Some are mentioning this man's middle name, hoping its middle eastern origin will stir negative emotions, because of this country's past and currant affiliations with the Islamic regimes of the middle east. These practices are appalling!

A CNN reporter asked three highly esteemed political strategist,"if this man were white, with blond hair, and blue eyes, would his middle name be a concern?" They all agreed it would not. There is a U.S. senator making the statement that, "terrorist will be dancing in the streets if this man is elected!" I wonder if he thinks they would be doing as much dancing if this "Hussein" where white?

That statement made by this senator is a case of ignorance, that should not be tolerated! This behavior is one of the many reasons why the word politician has been affilliated with immorality, or just crooked behavior. This renders the good ones with the constant task of proving their morality or true agendas. Omnipotent statements like these are the shameful reminders of a Jim Crow era that if allowed will trigger a social self-implosion. Men like this senator are the poster-child for racial and social profiling. His "snowballing behavior" can not be viewed as, just some old man blowing off some steam. Or given shelter with the umbrella of, it's his first amendment right to express these ludicrous thoughts.

These statements are divisive and in the long run... scaring. These men and women are elected to lead with an affirmation of morality.The individuals using Sen. Obama's name as a political slur, kinda remind me of the schoolyard bully picking on the smaller kid because of their name. This kind of behavior is a reminder of this country's ugly past.

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