Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave...

Sen.Hillary Clinton since the beginning of this nominee race has been practicing deceitful behavior in her campaigning.This behavior may just cost her the race. Deciet is not a favorable charactor trait when choosing a reliable commander and chief. An example her questionable campiagning is the, " 3 a.m. in the morning commercials" designed as a scare tactic, and tool for questioning Sen. Obama's lack of crisis handling ability.campaigning.This

Sen. Clinton's decision to use this commercial may be the perfect example of shooting oneself in the foot.Because six years ago she denounced the use of scare tactics when done by republicans. And what experience does she have at answering these short of phone calls? Because if she is referring to her stay at the white house,as the first lady, if this had occurred all she would have done was pass Bill the phone.

As a form of ironic justice, the 7yr girl featured in this commercial is now 17. The footage of her sleeping was shot 10 years ago, recently being purchased by Getty Images. Well this sleeping beauty will be turning 18 in April, and is an avid campaigner for Sen. Obama. When interviewed by CNN was reported to have said not only does she plan on voting for Obama, she has offered her support in the making of a commercial that refutes Hillary's.

The latest web in this deceitful campaign is almost comical. It is referred to as the "Bosnian Sniper Fire Incident". This interpretation of the events that occurred while visiting Bosnia resembled a scene from an action/thriller movie. When spinning this yarn, what was she thinking? Maybe she thought cameras and other recording devices had not been invented yet. Or maybe she forgot an African/American man , who would probably be voting for Sen. Obama (the comedian Sinbad) was with her. What made this worse was the slap in the face excuse she gave for telling this lie, "It proves that I am just human". No it proves that you got caught in a lie and is trying to play the, " I'm only human card". I'm not making these accusations because I'm some dedicated Obama supporter. I'm doing this because I want her to own up to the truth and stop trying to insult my intelligence by pretending to be confused about the events of that day.

Having bullets fired at you would have been a traumatic experience, especially those from the gun of a sniper. This is when I ask, "Ok, if you were mistaken about snipers firing at you on this day, on which day was this done, causing such an erroneous description of that day?" By not just saying she had lied, is in essence saying it has happened, just not on that day.

Sen. Clinton is slowly becoming caught in a trap of her own conception. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.

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