Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Look Into The Sickness Called ...Homophobia.

Homophobia is defined as...the fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. Or hatred, hostility and disapproval of homosexual people, and their sexual behavior, or culture, and is generally used to insinuate bigotry.
On February 12th Lawrence King fell prey to the highest form of this worldwide disease. At the age of 15 his life was extinguished by the homophobic hands of a 14 year boy. This hate filled individual took a gun to E.O. Green junior high school, walks into to the computer lab where Lawrence was, and with the mindset of a serial killer, places the gun to his head and fires. This was not done by accident, retaliation to violence, protection, or fear for one's life. It was done out of hate and ignorance. An absolute violation of another human's right for expression and to exist. This act and others like it are the un-Godly spawn of a society's ignorance.
In North America alone, the U.S. Department of Justice has estimated out 1,472 sexually motivated hate crimes in 2006, 62% were anti-male homosexual related, and 13.7% were anti-female homosexual related. And what the bible thumping holy rollers in the U.S. congress; and their king, "president George W. Bush", fail to realize is, that their omnipotent expression of morality is just adding fuel to the flames of this social ignorance. These attempts to oppress their beliefs upon the homosexual community is a despicable violation of human rights, that will only have negative repercussions. When the leaders of a nation openly express their disapproval of another's choice of lifestyle, it's only going to make change that much more difficult. And horrific acts like the senseless shooting of Lawrence King occur more often.
Mason Davis, the executive director of the trans-gender law center was reported to have said,"Brandon McInerny ( the 14 yr old accused shooter) is just as much a victim as Lawrence." If found guilty he faces 52 yrs to life, because he will be tried as an adult. And until this trial, being held with a bail of $770,000 .
In my opinion the statement made by Mr. Davis, and others similar to it, are a ridiculously naive way of thinking. It is almost showing sympathy to the savage brutality of another. Yes...society needs an education on civil co-existence, stressing the tolerance for anothers right to happiness and self expression. As long as a person's behavior does not harm or hinder themselves, or another, it should be tolerated. Because this was a gift given to all, it is called, "free will"! When we continue to suppress these fundamental human rights, we will never acheive true enlightenment. We need to realize that there is only One true judge, and it is the same One that gave us the gift of life, and the only that can take it.
Rest in peace Larry, rest in peace.
~In memory of~
Lawrence King
Jan. 13th 1993 - Feb. 12th 2008
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