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Scientology, Yes or No? Part 1 of 2

The Birth of Scientology
Lafayette Ron Hubbard was Born in Tilden Nebraska on March 13th 1911. He later moves to Kalispell,Montana where he claims to have made the acquaintance of a Blackfeet Native American medicine man (Old Tom)who takes him on as a protege and quickly honoring him with the status of blood brother. Later in life L.Ron Hubbard is destined to become a popular fiction writer, his thoroughly documented accounts with this Blackfeet medicine man seems to be the first of his fictional stories. This Native American medicine man has no contemporary records of existence.Yet according to Scientologist in 1985, members of the Blackfeet Nation, Montana, commemorated "the seventieth anniversary of [L. Ron Hubbard] becoming a blood brother of the Blackfeet Nation. It was said that a ceremony to re-establish L. Ron Hubbard as a blood brother to the Blackfeet Tribe was never done. A former vice-president of the executive council states," if a letter from this council is mentioned, confirming Mr. Hubbard's status as a Blackfeet blood brother, it should not be taken seriously because one does not exist!"

The Makings of The Legend

According (L.R.H) and his loyal followers,he is the ultimate man's man, humanitarian the perfect example for mankind. A true legend in this time and many before. When reading his resume one could only admit that this is a man of prowess, and amazing accomplishments. I went to the Scientology's official website retrieving this breathtaking list:

Fiction writer
Drug Rehabilitation
Criminal Reform
Adventurer/ Explorer
Sea Captain
Yachtsman & Navigator
After reading this I did further research believing that a man capable of so much had to of accomplished more. My feelings were confirmed, the Scientology's official web page was being modest. Here are a few more of his achievements:

Pathological Liar
Child abuser
Con artist
Semi Racist
Convicted Felon/spending the last days of his life fleeing persecution
Drug Abuser
Three sides to every story

They say there are three sides to every story. One person's side, another ones side, and the truth. When it comes to Mr. Hubbard there's still a lot of truth that needs to be told. In his lifetime he claimed skills which required a level of education he didn't posses. Hubbard enrolled at The George Washington University in September of 1930, where he began studying a major in civil engineering.The keyword here is,"began". After two semesters he was put on academic probation for poor grades and lack of funding.He claimed to being an atomic physicist. I always thought that in order to achieve this, one needed more than two semesters with poor grades. Maybe standards were lower in 1930. Hubbard the humanitarian was remembered by many of his followers as "Hubbard the horrific".He had frequent screaming tantrums and instituted brutal punishments such as incarceration in the ship's filthy chain-locker for days or weeks at a time and "over-boarding," in which supposedly errant crew members were blindfolded, bound and thrown overboard, dropping up to 40 ft. into the cold sea, hoping not to hit the side of the ship. Some of these punishments, such as imprisonment in the chain-locker, were applied to children as well as to adults. And for a man whose goal was a harmonious existence for mankind, in his youth was known to make statements and harbor beliefs such as:"As a China-man can not live up to a thing, he always drags it down." and "They smell of all the baths they didn't take. The trouble with China is, there are too many chinks here." Hubbard described the Tibetan Buddhist as people worshiping with voices like bull-frogs and beat a drum and playing a brass horn to accompany their singing " and called them "very odd and heathenish". He also wrote about colored people saying, "Unlike the yellow and brown people, the white does not usually believe he can get attention from matter or objects. The yellow and brown believe for the most part ... that rocks, trees, walls, etc., can give them attention". "So we see the African tribesman, with his complete contempt for the truth, and his emphasis on brutality and savagery..."After discovering this documentation, humanitarian was definitely not my first choice of words for him.

Later Hubbard meets two men, Jack Parsons and a known occultist, Aleister Crowley. These men with the help of Hubbard practiced black magic on a young girl with the hopes of birthing the anti-Christ. Hubbard later runs of with the young lady which happened to be Parsons' girlfriend, along with a substantial amount of Parsons' money. He later marries the young lady. In a later statement by Scientologist, they claim that he was on a secret mission for the U.S. Navy to halt the occult rituals being performed by Parsons. What they failed to mention was the navy has no record of this mission, and by marrying this woman made him a bigamist to his first wife of 13 years and two children.

You gotta admit, it's men like Hubbard that give the tabloid writers a reason to get out of bed. He kept there hopes alive.


Dianetics...was spawned as a groundbreaking self-help book. It was released in May 1950 to very harsh and mixed reviews. It was criticized for unscientific aspects, and veteran author, Jack Williamson, described Dianetics as "a lunatic revision of Fruedian psychology" that "had the look of a wonderfully rewarding scam."

"A lunatic revision of Fruedian psychology", I swear that gets me every time!
Dianetics introduced the concept of "auditing," a two person question and answer therapy that focuses on painful memories. Dianetics is supposedly a word deriving from the Greek (dia) meaning through.and (nous) meaning mind or thought. According to Hubbard, dianetic auditing could eliminate emotional problems, cure physical illnesses, and increase intelligence. In his introduction to Dianetics, Hubbard declares, "the creation of Dianetics is a milestone for mankind comparable to the discovering of fire, superior to his conception of the wheel and arch."

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