Monday, June 2, 2008

"The New H-Bomb."

Okay Hillary, enough is enough! To continue participating in this race is truly the act of beating a dead horse! This campaign has turned into everything it should not be! At times it seems that many have forgotten what this is about, which is to elect the next commander and chief, whose interests are what’s best for the country. Sen. Clinton’s persistence as a candidate is admirable, but becoming a festering sore that is dividing the Democratic party and securing Republican victory. A majority of Clinton supporters are accepting defeat with anger. Middle aged women in Sen. Clinton’s campaign are very personally involved believing Sen Obama’s victory will be achieved by sexism. They are so animate in this belief that an overwhelming majority have professed allegiance to Sen. McCain, or not at all if Sen. Clinton does not win. These women seem to be flying on emotional auto-pilot with their eyes wide shut. Political annalist empathize with these feelings because these women consider Sen. Clinton as their first, or possibly their last chance for female representation as president. And the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton are masters of manipulation does not make this loss any easier to swallow. If this does not end soon it may permanently damage the legacy of Bill and the possibilities for Hillary, because these irrational tactics resemble an individual struggling in political quicksand.

The manipulative statements made are many and have been debunked almost immediately, yet her supporters seem to forget this when crying sexism. The latest of these are her claim to ownership of the popular vote. This lead was only acquired due to Obama not even having his name on the Michigan ballot, so he received no votes from that contest. She also forgets to mention that the polls are favorable to Obama in Michigan due to young first time voters, college students, large African-American population, and the fact many didn’t even vote because he was not on the ballot.She later calls foul when Obama was allotted his share of delegates in the DNC decision.

I find it odd that she would even claim the popular votes of Michigan and be so concerned about the delegate tally when she was recorded saying, while participating in a radio talk show interview, that the Michigan primary would not count. This statement was made when Obama 20pts. behind, unknown, and not considered a threat. But when defeat became a possibly she suddenly acquires religion and every vote should count.

Then there’s the “Bullet fire ” incident…I won’t even go into to that! Yes i will. After it was uncovered Bill blamed it on exhaustion and age. She then claims to have been mistaken. Well if it didn’t happen in Bosnia, where did it happen? It wasn’t a mistake…it was a lie, there’s a difference.

Then there’s the Indiana victory. She was so proud of herself she claimed that she was able to raise 10 million dollars in one day. It was more like one, leaving her about 20 million in the hole. Now if she can not be honest about her campaign budget what is going to make her give us the real numbers concerning the progress or lack there of, the national budget when president? I could go on and on with this web of lies and deceit but I won’t. When observing Sen. Clinton’s do anything, Kamikaze state of mind, I question her agenda, “ does she realize what it means to be president?”. Or is she just on some twisted vision quest. She must know that if elected, she will spend four years like an ant, being scorched by the light of a magnifying glass of her own design. I say this because Sen. Clinton and her husband have behaved like snake oil salesmen, making promises that will have to be kept.

In my opinion, the legacy of the first female president should not be one of an individual that wrote a bunch of bad checks that she knew could not be cashed.

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