Friday, June 6, 2008

"I'm Taking Off The Gloves!"

There has been many thoughts I have wished to express but I have managed to contain myself, naively hoping all would see what the political race is and what it will become.

The Clinton and McCain camps, with the help of the media, have shamefully prostituted itself in ways that will become legendary! Sen. Clinton's behavior has always stunk from its clouded sense of omnipotence. It was this foolishly arrogant way of thinking that led to her spiraling downfall and may have permanently scarred her political career. This divisive self-implosion was not only unnecessary but unbecoming in every way. And her husband only added an exclamation to this audacious display of questionable behavior. Their daughter (Chelsea) has my deepest sympathy because she was genetically drafted into this sideshow. Never wavering always proving to be the class in that families act.

What truly amazes me are the legions of loyal followers that refuse to see this woman for what she is and capable of in desperation. This overly dogmatic pursuit for nomination has caused her to say and do things that would have kept Obama being elected to any office. These are just a few of the many atrocities committed by Mrs. Clinton:

When she claimed to have mis-spoken after questioning the relative importance of Dr. Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement.-(forgiven)
She makes the statement that the primaries of Michigan would not count (while 20pts. ahead) later going on a holy war for the acquiring of its delegates.-(forgiven).
Describes the upholding of the Florida ruling to slavery and the denying women the right to vote-(forgiven).
She makes a ludicrous claim to have had been subjected to the firing of bullets while visiting Bosnia, with her daughter being a part of her entourage. Later claiming to have mis-spoken, not lied, mis- spoken-(forgiven)
Later approving and participating in the now famous, "3 a.m. in the morning commercial", which later seemed to have questionable undertones.- (forgiven)
Her lax behavior towards the actions of supporter Geraldine Ferraro who stated," Obama would not still be in this race if he were a white man". -(forgiven)
Stating that some primary states should count and others should not.- (forgiven)
Then there's the photos of Osama Bin Laden in an anti-Obama add. -(forgiven)
Then there's the hard working white American comment.- (forgiven)
The exploiting of rev. Jeremiah Wright to the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Tribune.- (forgiven)
Pres. Clinton's comparing rev.Jesse Jackson's campaign to Sen. Obama's.- (forgiven)
Constantly claiming multiple calls for her to resign from the race, in order to anger her supporters, knowing this was not true.- (forgiven)
Traitorously using McCain's age and experience as a tool to undermine Obama, not considering what this might do to the Democratic party - especially if she is not nominated.- (not forgiven)
Four time using the tragedy of Sen. Robert Kennedy's assassination as a justification for her continuance to run. First using the word assassination in print(Time magazine), second and third time just reminding us of the tragedy-obviously after being told by an adviser that this was a callous and un-wise course. Finally - actually using the word assassination during a videotaped interview. When faced with public cry of outrage, only expressed a quasi apologetic explanation to the Kennedys and American, never apologizing or verbally expressing remorse to Sen Obama or McCain - who just might see this as a tactlessly expressed reason to remain in the public eye-with a never say quit attitude. - (never should be forgotten or forgiven)
This last statement should be the last of the many self-place nails in her political coffin. Clinton and her supporters since the beginning of this race have dogmatically justified her nomination and winning of the presidency by playing the "gender card", always reminding what a positive influence to young women she would be. If I had daughters I would never use this woman as a character reference to what they could achieve. I would remove my tongue before promoting that cut throat-knee capping individual- Mrs. Clinton has displayed herself to be.

On June 3rd as I watched this woman give her disgraceful speech of denial, which should have undoubtedly proven to all her questionable character, I could not help but look into the eyes of her supporters, it sadly reminds me of how gullible people can be. But this was not the only thing that disturbed me. While staring into this crowd knowing that there is absolutely no way all of these people could have been fooled, it became clear that their pride was fueling this inability to admit they had chosen poorly - and that they would stand by this woman no matter what. This raises another issue.

Pres. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was also a first term junior senator who was labeled as "too young and inexperience"- to handle the responsibility of Commander and Chief. He turned out to be an exceptional president-many even compare Sen Obama to him- both being young and handsome-with diplomatically idealistic policies that could re-arranged political and social ways of thought.

The policies of these two are so refreshingly similar that Obama has been vigorously endorsed by JFK's niece, the wife of Rep. Governor Arnold Shwartzeneggar- Maria Shriver. JFK's daughter-Caroline Kennedy and his brother Sen. Ted Kennedy. JFK's former speech writer and counsel-Ted Sorenson is an avid Obama supporter - has stated, "it's not so much the experience-but the quality that makes Sen. Obama the better choice for presidency."

With these endorsements and many more which include Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, George Clooney and many. Also boasting an above average education from Harvard and Princeton graduating at the top of his class, years of volunteer civil service to the poor of Chicago's south side, and dedicated family man -one would think this man has a resume that demonstrates an above average qualification for the position he seeks. It so disturbs me to see these same people that were fans and supporters of J.F.K-voluntarily pawn themselves to the Clinton's hype and hysterics. Or the media and political annalist that are aware of these similar groundbreaking qualities that Obama share with J.F.K.- yet turn a blind eye to them. Or the masses of upper income - or politically based African/Americans whose only excuse for the support of Clinton is having a positive role model for their daughters that would allow them an oppertunity to realize their presidential potential. What about having a positive young bi-racial man of African and Caucasian heritage? I would consider that a pretty good role model. If J.F.K were running against Sen Clinton this daughter analogy would have ceased to exist - and this nomination race would have been over months ago.

As a man of African/Native Amer. birth - it disgusts me and dishonors my heritage whenever someone says, "Pres. Clinton was the first Black president". Which in itself is ludicrous. Just because he did a few things that other Presidents should have - speaks with a charming southern drawl and plays a saxophone.

I know this article will possibly have negative repercussions questioning my social correctness. But make sure I receive 100% of the credit for this piece - do not try to attach this to Obama in any way. Because the whole ,"guilt by association tactic" has proven to be an overplayed failure and a shameful contradiction to what we as a country profess to value - freedom of speech and thought. Causing this man to man to change his 20 yr. church affiliation because of the actions of another. This will remain as a shameful example, placed upon this nation's hypocritical mantel of shame for years to come. The irony of this wrongful persecution is that many of these angry torch baring individuals wouldn't know what being a 20yr. active member of church is like.

It is extremely unjust to even imply lack of judgment or question ones character because of the sins of another. If we all abandoned others for behavior another may deem as unfavorable- we would have no associates or friends-because we all have a politically incorrect friend, that occasionally says or does something that is questionable at best. Being imperfect individuals we are responsible for our own actions and through unity- not abandonment- we might acquire social enlightenment.

In order to achieve this goal it will require change. It takes a positively idealistic individual to usher in this achievement. Sen. Barrack Obama possesses these qualities. We can't just want change - we also have to believe in it.

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