Sunday, May 11, 2008

Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

She has done it again! Sen. Clinton has purposely attempted to deceive voters. Sometimes I wonder if this woman really thinks we are all as dumb as she hopes we are. If you recall, immediately after winning the Pennsylvania primaries, she boasts of receiving 10 million dollars online. Well it's been released by one of her national finance chairs that the funds acquired were closer to 1 million, rendering her campaign budget to negative 9 million dollars. It's just one-- lie-- after another! Why does this woman believe, that she is qualified for the job of president of the united states.

Now I'm not trying to suggest that Sen. Obama; myself, or anyone else, has never told a lie or exaggerated the truth, because to say this would in itself be a lie. Politicians are always trying to connect with the common voter, proving that their problems and concerns are understood. What better way to do so, than sharing your inadequacies. To say, "hey...I too have attempted to reach greatness but fell beneath par". It is eerie to look at her unshaken expression which possesses the most trustworthy stare. It's like looking into the eyes of Satan.This is one thing that really twists my shorts, having someone look me in the eye or by general address, attempt to purposely mislead me as if I will not remember later when confronted with the truth.

Another one of these exaggerated fairy tales just recently occurred as a mother's day tribute, done to win the votes of West Virginian mothers. She goes on and on about these positive traits received from her mother. How to be good, nice, and kind to all. Well I recall the first few minutes of her televised autobiography, this same woman (her mom) when Hillary was a child,sent her back outside to physically confront a bigger girl that had struck her and if she did not, she would be in trouble with her. Well she claimed to have punched the girl, not only gaining her respect, but all of the boys that witnessed this. Now I'm confused... in West Virginia which mother was she referring to? The get your butt back outside and kick that girl's behind mom. Or the "June Cleaver" mother of the year mom.

Now she managed to wiggle out of the now famous, "Bullet Fire" lie with another, claiming to have misspoken. And pres. Clinton tried to assist, by referring to her age and stating that this was done because of exhaustion. If you buy that I have some farm land you might be interested in. This woman's mind is razor sharp and like a steel trap, baited with misleading statements. I kinda think that a civilian woman, running through gunfire with her child by her side, would count as being a crystal clear event in a woman's life! Having said this, there are a few definitions I would love to share with Sen Clinton: mislead, delude, or cheat.

Exaggerate... to magnify beyond the truth, overstate, enlarge, overestimate.

Lie... make false statement knowingly, deliberate falsehood.

Being an independent party member, I am very critical when it comes to the scrutiny of candidates. My vote can and has gone both ways. I refuse to vote for someone because of race, gender, or party affiliation. So if this article or any in the past I have posted seem like a witch hunt focused on Sen Clinton, believe me, as a delegate of Sen Obama if I were to catch him in a deliberate falsification of the truth, I would "behind the back slam dunk" him! Because when I accepted nomination and was voted to be a delegate, I believed that this man would portray my best interests and those of the country. Now if this pathologically lying Sen. Clinton can not express the truth now about herself and her campaign budget, why should I expect her to do so while handling this country's affairs. I don't!

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