Friday, May 9, 2008

Kamikaze Campaigning!

In my opinion and many others, the Democratic party's race for presidential nomination has run its course. This has evolved into a monster resembling one never seen before, and hopefully never will again. It's obvious who is winning and most likely will win. This is just another example of someone being handed a pill that is too hard to swallow. Sen. Clinton needs to do the math and accept reality by ending this! This drawn out fiasco stopped being an election a long time ago, but the Clinton's overinflated egos just can not accept the idea of defeat by a Jr. senator, once trailing her by 20 points, that she foolishly underestimated, turning the senator and her husband into people that I find unrecognizable. Their daughter (Chelsea) is the only one that is showing any class in this act, and she is not running for office.

The cheap shots, lies, mudslinging, and hypocritical behavior by Sen & President Clinton, has become disgraceful, all justified with the code word--"fighter". What they've failed to realize is that the U.S.A is tired of a fighting president, what the people want is a diplomat. Even though it is her right to run, the longer this persists, racial undertones will develop. These feelings will be justified with concerns like... Obama is clearly capable and qualified for the job, why can't she accept this? The media and society (including other countries) will begin to formulate a negative opinion, worse than the one that currently exists. With each day she is loosing super delegate votes formerly loyal to her campaign, which include 7 more just today. What's sad is, that it was Sen. Clinton's dogmatic crash and burn attitude that helped seal her fate. And it will be her self-imploding "kamikaze" behavior that will divide the party beyond repair also adding fuel to the fire of quietly burning race relations. What's so disturbing, is that their views are very similar, but Hillary's ego has blinded many of this, aiding the party's opponent. She needs to realize that this race is bigger than her or Bill.

From every angle this race is making history... by age, race, and gender. No matter who is elected it will be a first. But If Sen. Clinton does not bow down and gracefully accept defeat, there is no way this is going gently into that goodnight. In the end super delegates will decide the victory, and if the nominee with the most popular and delegate votes (Sen. Obama) looses, this will not be a presidency anyone in their right mind would want. That would be the equivalent of two marathon runners running a race, upon completion, the one with the worst time winning the race. If this were to happen due to super delegate nomination, the forecast would not be one with sunny skies.

Maybe it's just me, but vanity and arrogance should not be the main ingredients for the making of a Commander and Chief. The presidency should be considered as a selfless job and cornerstone of a government that claims to be, by the people, for the people.

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