Monday, April 28, 2008

Using What's Wright Is Proving To Be Wrong!

The questionable and offensive statements made by Rev. Wright that are being shown are as appalling as they are divisive. No matter how anyone may try to justify what has been witnessed, that sermon is clearly a display of anger wrongfully expressed. After first hearing these clips; which happen to be but a segment of a much longer sermon, and given long before Sen. Obama chose to seek party nomination, I knew that the media had distorted these words. As disturbing as these words are, due to their maliciously clever editing, they have become even worse. I also knew that the camps of Sen. Clinton and McCain would consider these statements to be like-- pennies from heaven, using them as a diversionary tactic for their own political agenda. There have been days while flipping through the many news stations, that I have seen these clips more often than a Gieco insurance commercial.

Sen. McCain and Clinton fail to see that their suggesting of, "guilt by association" is not the characteristic of a fighter, or a social reformer, it is the behavior of a desperate opportunist whose strategy for winning a contest is by knee-capping their opponents. What's truly disturbing is how so many are allowing themselves to be sucked in by this by not seeing what is truly going on. This has never been about the rants of some radical preacher. The constant reminder of Rev. Wright's statements are to -- divide and conquer, by further splitting the vote and distracting us from what is truly important, while the media sits on the sidelines instigating this fight, for ratings.

The irony of this negative campaign practice is, it will backfire to Sen. Obama's advantage. Eventually, the American public will see this strategy for what it's worth. They will acknowledge how hypocritical Clinton and McCain have become, by not insisting to an immediate halt of this foolishness. For example, Clinton remarked, "You can't pick your family, but you can pick your pastor."and going on and on, about how many years he has been affiliated with this reverend and his negativity. And how Obama should have left this church because of that reverend. Also stating how she would not have tolerated his behavior. Sen. Clinton offered this opinion hoping it would question Obama's judgement of character. Yet she chose to stick by the side of her adulterous husband who also chose to plagiarize himself in a court of law when being held accountable for his behavior.

So what is her message? Is she saying that Obama will act like Wright if elected president? If so, then that means she will be acting like Bill at 3 a.m., when this famous phone is not ringing, or if it does ring, she might display her ability to multi-task.

Then there's McCain, the "All American Hero"-- who goes on about how disturbing these clips are, expressing his disapproval of the Republican party officials in North Carolina, that plan to use the Wright footage. Now isn't this the same man that boasts on his political experience and leadership abilities, using this as the cornerstone of his qualifications for Commander and Chief. He must not be that inspirational or in charge, if he can not get his own party to bid his wishes after expressing non-conformity. This reeks of control issues, in my book his party deciding to use negative propaganda against his wishes, is the equivalent of the child telling the parent what they feel is best.

Or is this a form of deception, using reverse psychology in order to win the trust and vote of the African-American in North Carolina, by displaying his ability to choose, and not just being another puppet of the Republican party. Or it could be to assist Hillary who is believed would be an easier opponent.

I don't know about you, but I am sick of turning on the news and seeing Rev.Wright. I am also sick of manipulative attempts to pawn the voters in this political aspiration to checkmate. And I am sick of Obama being placed on trial for a crime he did not commit.

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