Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pipe Dreams

On an ordinary day around 7p.m after departing from the Dallas Area Railway Transportation or (D.A.R.T), while waiting to cross the street a man approached me asking if I knew where he could buy a pipe. Not being one to prejudge an individual I naturally assumed I had encountered a pipe aficionado. He was an aficionado alright, but not for tobacco. Being a former cigar enthusiast I know the locations of most cigar shops in the Dallas area. I also know that most of them carry pipes. So I tell him, "there's a cigar shop about 6 blocks from here but their pipes are a bit pricey, but there's another about a mile and a half from here, you should be able to find one for about 45 to $50." This man looked at me like I was insane. He says, "no, a crack pipe! Hell you can buy drugs all over this damn neighborhood but you can't find a f*****g pipe to save your life!" Shrugging my shoulders while crossing the street I said, " I don't know what to tell you ".

This incident occurred en-route to a friend's apartment in North Dallas. Upon arrival I described the encounter, which she found to be quite amusing. She was surprised that I would be that naive to his true agenda. She knows that I pride myself for being able to identify an individuals intentions, and letting my guard down in that manor is truly not my nature. Over the years I have fine tuned my social skills in a way that I am able to blend into almost any group of individuals. I've achieved this ability by being able to adapt to my surroundings by using six rules and I did not follow rule #2, Always expect the unexpected.

I also found this drug crazed individual's decision to choose to me a bit disturbing. I know he was lured to me because of my adaption rule, referred to as #3, Display a sense of, approachability. But this man snaked through about six or seven people to ask me that disturbing question. This fool is a plain clothed police officer's dream, because I fit this profile. I'm an Afro-American male, with shoulder length dread locks, 39yrs young but when shaved I look 27. I'm 5'11" weighing 180lbs with an athletic build, and I wear a silver loop ear ring. This is, the formula for a detective grade police officer, and this fool just non-chalantly asks me a question and makes a statement, that if said to a police officer would have earned him a pair a handcuffs, along with a new residence.

Crack-cocaine provides an intense amount of euphoric pleasure, which has been compared to a, "full-body orgasm" that can not be acheived through normal sexual behavior. This heightened form of neuro-stimulation is the grip that dominates the mind of its user. After concumption the sensation is almost immediate but lasts only to 5 to 10 minutes. And with the prolongation of use, the duration of its pleasure disapates, causing an addictive need to experience that unacheivable first time high.

It is remarkable that a substance with such destructive capabilities was once used for very productive puposes. The Coca leaf was originally chewed by South American workers providing a seemingly endless amount of strength and a lack of hunger. The ability aided in the creation of historical monuments, building of roads, working of fields, and an over all advancement of society. It became popular worldwide for its unique medical properties and its apperance to provide longivity of life. With time and modifacation, Cocaine has spawned the distructived offspring we experience each day. This Frankenstein's monster of our own creation, has ruined lives in almost every way imaginable. From an outsider's point of view the"crack-head", has to resemble Captain Ahab, chasing that elusive white whale which eventually led to his demise.

It seems that the only way to truly understanding this menace, is to have tried it or see someone close to you destroyed by it. Depending on the individual, if used they might become trapped by its chemically enduced sense of satisfaction. Another one of its lures is, many that begin usage all believe they can stop at anytime and some do.

What is irrefutably true when cocaine is concerned, the wisest choice made... is choosing not to use !


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