Saturday, December 29, 2007

Right to know vs. Need to know

The U.S. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law ensuring public access to U.S. government records. FOIA carries a presumption of disclosure; the burden is on the government - not the public - to substantiate why information may not be released. Upon written request, agencies of the United States government are required to disclose those records, unless they can be lawfully withheld from disclosure under one of nine specific exemptions in the FOIA. This right of access is ultimately enforceable in federal court.

Some see this as their right to the access of every piece of government documentation, and of it's past, and present doings.

This is clearly not the case, nor should it be. These records are affairs that in some circumstances... very case sensitive. And just because one feels as American citizen, if they want to know, they need to know.This is not true for so many reasons. Not only are a majority of these files a matter of national security, they also may involve the lives of many others besides the ones requesting certain information.

So just because some Star Trek or X-files fan, wishes to know the details, and see an assumed crashed u.f.o. it is their right to do so.

If all of these files were available to anyone placing a request for them, we would indeed be opening a Pandora's box that could never be closed. And in many cases violating the right to privacy.

I have realized that some things are bigger than myself. But do not get me wrong, I do believe that everyone should held accountable for their actions. And that some things involving a person or their loved ones need to be disclosed. I also believe in some situations you allow sleeping dogs to lie. Because some when awaken might bite you in the behind.

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