Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Just Say No To Gecko!"

As long as I have been watching television, there has been a commercial I have found to be mildly annoying,but Gieco insurance has seriously crossed that line. That gecko in their commercials stopped be clever after the first commercial. Now it's just another form of psychological torture. Every time I see this commercial I can feel my pulse beginning to rise. I change the channel and it's on that channel too. I put it on mute and I can hear it's voice coming through the walls!

Whenever a museum has an exhibit of the world's torture devices,that gieco gecko should be placed between the thumb screws, and the iron maiden. I do believe with all of my heart, that if Dante were alive today he would have added that gecko as a gatekeeper to one of his many levels of hell.
If there were only one insurance for liability, I would take my chances with the law and drive without it,than support that menace. I guess gieco figures if they subject us to this evil creature long enough we will all submit. It's voice...reminds me of a child's in the back seat of a car asking,"are we there yet?", while driving on a trip that will never end. So to all that agree, I think we should band together and say, "NO TO GECKO!"

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