Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Embargo must go.

On February 7, 1962 the U.S.A. initiates a trade embargo against Cuba. The enforcing of this embargo began after the expropriation of lands belonging to U.S. citizens and private corporations. This embargo was started with the justification of, breaking the back of communism by not lending financial gain to the ones that needed it most,the working class of this country. These hard working men and women have been the pawns in a twisted chess game that has been going on for over forty years. This socially twisted manipulation of lives has been carried out by the over inflated egos of men that will not admit to the damage they are causing.

In 1992 this economic destruction of lives was coded into law as The Cuban Democracy act. Now that's an interesting choice of words Cuban Democracy act. I find it hard to believe that this nation's poor lined up to vote for the purpose of deny themselves added income, that would allow them a more comfortable way of life. Then in 1996 the Helms-Burton act further restricted U.S. citizens from doing business in or with Cuba. It also mandates restrictions on the public or private assistance to any succeeding regime unless certain policies are adhered to. President Bill Clinton added a clause ending 700 million dollars of subsidies for U.S. companies trading with Cuba.

The added revenue from trade with the U.S., would allow the majority of Cuba's impoverished to live a life that would not be considered third world. These people are sitting on some of the world's most fertile land, sixty miles away from one of the richest of countries. As much as I would love to have access to a good hand rolled Cohiba cigar, this is not my only reason for ending this charade. I call it that because it never was an embargo designed completely for the protection of the American people . I'm just calling it what it really is...a power play design to enforce beliefs by flexing muscles, and breaking the backs of the weak. The suffering of the innocent must end!

The walls of Russia have come crumbling down. The doors to China are swinging wide open. Kennedy has been gone along time now. And Castro's about to cash in his chips any day now. So that leaves me with this question...who's embargo is it anyway?

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