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"My Theory of Conspiracy Theories."

My Theory On Conspiracy Theories. July 13, 2008 • No Comments (Edit)
The “Conspiracy Theory” - or what I like to call, ”The Cynic’s Bible“ has a flock of readers that is always growing. These individuals have definitely established a high ranking among the world’s constants. These worshipers seem to have a negative hypothesis to every unsettling event since man has walked the earth. It is almost as if these instigators of pessimism have discovered a euphoric form of Utopia from the ills of society.

Now I am not trying to imply that everything is perfect with the world, because there has been times when I too have doubted answers given - considering them to be questionable at best. I am also sure that many concerns expressed by these theorist were completely accurate. And depending on how this truth affects an individual is usually the deciding factor in the birthing of one man’s fact and another ones fiction. This gives way to fanatical rantings or beliefs concocted by individuals that are not satisfied with the truth.

If Conspiracy Theorist had a list of commandments, the would probably say:

1) Thou shalt not trust any government or its politicians.

2) Thou shalt not trust anyone that is considered to be monetarily rich, especially ones coming from old money.

3) Thou shalt not trust anything you read in history books.

4) Thou shalt not trust anyone form of news media.

5) Thou shalt not trust anyone that will not agree with everything you believe
to be true.

6) If a man made tragedy occurs on a large scale, the government is responsible.

7) There is always someone out to get you.

8) Most things that are too good to be true… usually are.

9) Nobody does something for nothing.

10) If a person has a chance to take advantage of you odds suggest they will.

I have to admit that these individuals (Conspiracy theorist) provide some service. They do make it harder for the corrupt to practice their trade. And when they catch someone in the act of perpetrating an ill against society or the planet, they do hold them accountable. 70% of Americans still believe the Kennedy assassinations were a conspiracy and if proven, many will have hell on earth to pay.

But all-in-all the conspired rantings and theories are bascally the opinions of another, and if even after ones theory of a topic is debunked, everyone has a right to one, if not used in a way that is slanderous or malicious in concept, it’s called ”Free Will & Freedom of Speech”. And when the world attempts to suppress the ideology of these individuals they have in essence - become worse than the theorist.

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