Sunday, August 3, 2008

"The Notorious N Word."

There has been an ongoing debate about the social correctness of the word "nigger", or the now popular pronunciation "nigga" . Some are justifying the popularized version as, a harmless term of endearment, or term acknowledgement justifiably used by a few. The fact that anyone is -- even having to question the use of this word or anyone's right to use it, is unbelievable.

It is well known that this word has ties to the slavery of Africans brought to the Americas. The word "Nigger", is a derivative of the Spanish/Portuguese word negro meaning black. John Rolfe the husband of Pocahontas, and the first known exporter of tobacco, describes the arriving slaves as "negars", later to become, "nigger" . For a long this word was just a description of those with dark skin. In the U.K. the word was often used to refer to those of Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Kashmiri, Indian or Sri Lankan descent. These people immediately took offense to this name.

In the Americas around the mid 1800s, this description of the African slave or their descendants, is when this word began to project its currant meaning. So in this age of "political correctness" if this word needs to be said, it is described as the "N" word. Ironically some have chosen not to allow this demoralizing word to go quietly into that good night. They have decided to slightly changed its spelling and pronunciation, then justifying the usage with a twisted right of passage.

On the television talk show "The View" two of its co-hosts of African descent (Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Sheppard) defended their use of the slang term, "Nigga". Ms. Goldberg's justifying its use was so contradictory and ludicrous-- it was unbelievable. And what's so amazingly oximoronic, is that many of the people that use this word, justify their usage for many of the same reasons.

Fellow co-host (Elizabeth Hasselbeck) was so outraged by Ms. Goldberg's display of ignorance, that it drove her to tears. Her disapproval of this words use by any-- proclaiming we all live in the same world and that this word has no useful purpose, felt as if she was being mocked for her supposed inability to ever understand. Ms. Goldberg also made sure to remind her that we do not live in the same world. She was right about this because Ms. Goldberg is a citizen of the planet "Stupidia" , in the "United States of Hypocria" were the possibility of social reform is impossible.

She began explaining to Ms. Hasselbeck why she could never understand and her right to say this by stating, "my mother could not go and vote in the United States of America, the place of her birth, but you don't understand and I what you to, to understand the frustration that goes along with when you say we live in the same isn't balanced and we would like it to be, you have to listen, you have to understand the fact that we are trying to tell you that there are issues, there are huge problems that you got to know if you want to know us....etc" . Is it just me that believes that had no justification for using the word "nigga"?

Many have made claims and jokingly stated that Ms. Hasselbeck's display of emotions were of over dramatized and whiny. But just fifty years ago it would be difficult to find another Caucasian woman or man, to display this level of concern for a person of African heritage, while co-hosting a nationally broadcasted television show.

Another contradiction to the popularized version of this word is that many people of African heritage that justify its usage, firmly appose any Caucasian to do the same. Believing that they have taken it away from the ones that used it negatively, and by doing so they now control its use. Being of African heritage, I consider that analogy as being dumb, for the sake of being dumb!

If someone were hitting me with bags of bile and society deemed this behavior as being politically incorrect. I am not going to start hitting myself with bile and justifying this action as me taking control of who craps on me!

Individuals that have chosen not to use this word--just forgetting about it are often called naive. That's also idiotic! If you have a bad dream, would you want to keep having it and remembering it every time you slept? Any sane individual would choose to forget about it.

If anyone believes that the harm from this word will be forgotten--it won't. That is why its use has been reduce to the letter "N". That in itself is admitting to an injustice. And if anyone is still concerned about the persecution of its creators--I'm pretty sure they're all dead.

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