Friday, October 23, 2009

"Steele A Fool!"

Where do they grow idiots like Micheal Steele? There has to be a farm that produces men like him because it takes cultivation to produce an individual of his social ignorance! Almost every time this man addresses the public with his outrageous political ideologies, I find myself rubbing a wrenched forehead to the tune of a racing heart, while in a state of absolute awe, thinking…WTF! It is obvious that he is nothing more than the GOP’s black face– because of a black president. If you were to look up the word ‘token‘ in a dictionary his photo would be there…smiling.Like Gov. Palin, the GOP assumed the world would be gullible enough to believe these individuals were qualified for their appointments, but they were only able to convince two with this mockery–Palin and Steele.

Mr. Steele has proven to be, the spawn of an American ‘House Negro‘, garnishing a leash slightly longer than the other misinformed.His behavior resembles a man who would claim, “I am not a puppet,I’m a real boy!”.It is crystal clear that a Republican National Chairman… he is not! ‘Poster Boy ‘would be a more accurate title. Now there are some admirable people of African descent in the Republican party–Gen. Colin Powell, Lynn Swann,Condaleeza Rice and Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell,to name a few.

This post was not meant to serve as an assault upon anyone’s freedom of expression, or political affiliation, but when a person of sound mind and reasonable intelligence, allows himself to be used as a racial pawn– in a chess game of social stereotypes, I am repulsed! The latest offense came in the form of a blog designed to attract minorities to the Republican Party. The blog was named:”What Up?”…WTF!!!? After overwhelming outrage and ridicule, the RNC changed the name of this offensive blog to ‘Change the Game,’ which only added insult to injury. The ‘Grand Ole Party‘ has become just that…an ‘Old Party‘ whose members posses fleeting moments of grandeur.

Increasingly displaying either an elitist or combative mentality has labeled them as, ‘The Party of No‘ which is truly an understatement. They have proudly become the party of no:sense,sympathy,empathy,class,respect,dignity or clue!

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