Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Big Top Palin"

Sarah Palin's Clownish And Corrupted Behavior

Ever since Gov. Palin first opened her mouth in the ‘big show’ of American politics she has undoubtedly been the self caricaturing gift, that keeps on giving.The media would find it difficult creating a ‘political play toy’ that equals the exploits of Sarah Palin–she’s a walking punchline. Watching her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric were so disturbing I actually felt sorry for her. With each question you could almost hear the crickets chirping in the void of her political knowledge. Still shaken from the previous questions, she was unable to answer the simple inquiry, “What magazines do you like to read when you are at home?”, having been coached by political strategists the night before with possible questions and responses was obviously so overwhelming that this innocent exploration of her daily life was so far out in left field that she blew a fuse, causing her brain to revert to default mode only allowing information which came with the system. So she proceeded with a ‘runner-up beauty pageant’ response, similar to the one given in the Charlie Gibson interview when asked for her opinion of the ‘Bush Doctrine’.

If the way she lives and the things she’s said were not serious they would be hysterically funny.Quoting a CNN journalist,”All Sarah Palin needs now is a red rubber nose and a pair of big exploding shoes!”. If it were only this simple–labeling her as a sideshow entertainer in a twisted political circus.What this woman has displayed with the moves she makes and breaths she takes, are becoming less humorous, entering the realm of dangerous! This assessment was given after her latest insinuation, slandering Pres.Obama’s plan for health care reform, claiming it would include euthanasia of the elderly and children that are of special needs, similar to her own that was born with down syndrome. Misinformation and lies only heighten the fear and anger already devouring the rational element owned by an ever growing mob of gullible individuals that are still finding it difficult to accept the reality of a president of African descendant, regardless of his Caucasian parentage.

Watching the rabbit displays of discontent at town hall meetings given by our government’s political representatives, offer a chilling reminder of this country’s shameful past and unstable present. A televised coverage of these epitaphs, inscribed on the tomb of this country’s racial discord are the events instigated by another famous, or infamous, Governor–George Wallace. Gov.Wallace was extremely animate concerning desegregating of the state of Alabama, claiming “Pres.John F. Kennedy wants to surrender this state to Martin Luther King and his group of pro-communists who have instituted these demonstrations!”…sound familiar?

Whenever the ignorance of the socially challenged few, which include ex-Gov. Palin whose quitting nature is now a part of the Urban Dictionary(Pulling a Palin), meet in their hate constructed clubhouse it seems as if the number one agenda for each gathering is– undermining the presidency of a man who has received more popular votes than any other president. Pres. Obama is loved all over the world, his nomination and confirmation as leader of the U.S.A was watched and celebrated in the homes, restaurants, bars, streets, churches and other places for gathering in every major country except two–Russia and N.Korea.

If people like Ms.Palin, Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and the many other possessors of political and economic power continue their twisted pursuit of dissemination, they may trigger an explosion which will be unimaginable and uncontrollable. This form of social terrorism will be more damaging and pleasurable to the Al Qeada than any attack of theirs, because it will have been self-induced and to them considered, well deserved social implosion.

If we do not gather as a nation and deter this pond scum, from our disturbing past, they will drag us down with them. These social separatist are programed to knock us three steps back, for every two we take in the opposite direction.

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